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Software and technology enthusiast, focussed on pressing the envelope with emerging technologies.

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Latest posts

  • 10/03/2021
    NextJS for Gatsby - Build phases
    Exploring the difference in how Gatsby and NextJS build their pages
  • 06/03/2021
    Trust - AI's roadblock to domination
    The main hurdle artificial intelligence must overcome to achieve domination is our trust
  • 01/03/2021
    Sitecore - the best bits
    The best bits of Sitecore
  • 21/07/2020
    Encrypting web.config values.
    A quick guide on how to encrypt values in a web.config file
  • 17/11/2019
    Building solid, useful and usable software
    If you want to build useful software, use it
  • 12/09/2019
    Serverless CDN
    Building a pure serverless CDN with image processing in AWS using the Serverless framework, Cloudfront, Lambda and S3
  • 06/04/2019
    GraphQL, Entity Framework Core and JSON Patch
    Implementing an abstracted method of CRUD operations with GraphQL, Entity Framework Core and JSON Patch
  • 31/03/2019
    Sitecore indexing arrays with Azure Search
    Overcoming an issue with indexing lists of data on Azure Search
  • 03/11/2018
    Lessons with Sitecore Helix
    Before we discovered the Helix framework developed by Sitecore our projects were disorganised, to say the least. We had no real guideline to follow when building out our solutions. Helix changed that.
  • 27/03/2018
    Sitecore 9 Prerequisites (SIF)
    The prerequisites for installing Sitecore 9 using SIF are *technically* detailed in the installation guide. However it's a bit obscure. Here's a summarised list of additional packages that need to be installed to run the SIF installation tool for Sitecore 9.
  • 21/03/2018
    Installing Sitecore 9 Manually
    All Sitecore documentation directs users to use the SIF or SIF-less tools to install Sitecore.
  • 16/11/2017
    What did you learn this week?
    As developers, learning is part of our job, rarely are we faced with a problem where the solution is obvious and straightforward. Understanding the problem is a learning in itself.
  • 19/06/2016
    Serverless .NET Core
    I have been playing around a lot with AWS Lambda lately, writing most of my functions in Javascript. It made me wonder what other languages/platforms would be well suited to such an environment. Javascript works well because it's lightweight and flexible. Lambda has the option for Java but has some performance issues due to the spinup time of the JVM.
  • 07/06/2016
    Going Serverless
    I work for a digital agency - Deepend. We primarily build and maintain content managed websites for clients. We are platform and technology agnostic meaning we deal with a lot of different programming languages, operating systems and databases. That's great for me because it gives me the freedom to play with a whole assortment of toys.
  • 05/06/2016
    Spartan Race
    Yesterday I completed my first ever Spartan Race. Leading up to it I was nervous and excited. Excited for all the obstacles, nervous because it had been so cold lately that I was scared I'd get hypothermia.
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