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Unique file name

I came across a curious piece of code as I was working my way through the project I work day-in-day-out on; not that curious pieces of code are rare in this project.

This one made me stop and think. I knew it was wrong, but how could I make it right? The problem is how to determine a unique filename in a directory, say for example if I wanted to allow users to upload images which would be stored in a folder, I don’t want to overwrite existing files and I don’t want to use the filename of the uploaded file.

Here’s the code I came across.

int count = 1;
while (count < 1000)
    string tmp = Path.Combine(this.ImagesPhysicalFolder, modifiedFileName) + count.ToString() + ".jpg";
    if (!File.Exists(tmp))
        modifiedFileName = tmp;

It’s a little verbose, and calling the Path.Combine() inside the loop could be costly. This is the solution I came up with.

var root = ...;

/* snip */

var count = 0;
var template = Path.Combine(root, "file_%%.jpg");
var filename = template.Replace("%%", (count++).ToString());
while (File.Exists(filename))
    filename = template.Replace("%%", (count++).ToString());