What did you learn this week?

As developers, learning is part of our job, rarely are we faced with a problem where the solution is obvious and straightforward. Understanding the problem is a learning in itself.


Actions Pattern

It's a terrible name, but maybe one day I'll figure a better one. Either way...


Flask, AngularJS and CORS

I am currently developing a website that will entirely be a Single Page Application (SPA). I started building the back-end in D and the front-end in AngularJS. I decided after a couple of weeks that Jeff Atwood was right in saying 'Storage is cheap, programmers are expensive.' Though D is a useful language, it was taking me too long to produce useful RESTful API endpoints, so I decided to make the switch to Flask given my familiarity with it.


Thoughts on D

I have spent the last few days learning a bit of D, I have contributed to a library, written my own library and developed a basic understanding of the language. It comes across as a very powerful and developer-friendly language. However there are a few downsides to it.