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Site Updates

So anyone who has actually been paying attention may notice a few updates to the site. This is very much a work in progress, but I’m getting there… slowly.

What I’ve done…

  • Added a travel section where I can outline trips I have and will take
  • Made it so I can flag on a map all the places I have been to and where I want to go
  • Added the ability to comment on blog posts
  • Made it so trips and parts of trips can be linked to blog posts
  • Made the whole blog section mobile friendly

What I’m still working on…

  • Making the travel section mobile friendly
  • Sorting out something with my portfolio, I really want to make it something special, what it’ll be I have no idea, but keep an eye on it!
  • Find a way to nicely attach media (photos, videos and what not) to blog posts (and subsequently trips)
  • I’ll probably keep tweaking the look of the site a bit, but that’s something I’ll probably never stop doing.
  • Make my “about” page a bit more special
  • Start translating the pages into Polish

Anyway… enjoy the site and feel free to give me some feedback!